What is in a Strategy???

For years products were marketed with ‘buy this thing it will change your life’. People were promised items would change their lives. Cigarettes promised affluence and prestige, Vodka will make you a Russian Aristocrat, Tampons will give you…..great hearing, I guess.

Eras were defined by Billboards, advertisements in magazines and they, in turn, were influenced by the idealized version of life as presented in films. It is clear to see the influence across the board, though at times it is difficult to say which comes first.

Were women excited about pouffy skirts in the fifties because of the adverts by Dior, were they really excited about vacuum cleaners because it was presented as glamorous? Did cigarette companies market their wares because it was associated with style, or was style associated with cigarettes because they were marketed that way..?

For more of this, watch Mad Men.

The series ends on a famously ambiguous note, with the famous seventies Coca Cola ad, “I’d like to teach the world to sing”. There are many dissections about this ending and theories, but personally, as a complete outsider and beginner, it marked the turning point.

Hippies changed business and in turn, Marketing.

Not in the way you may think though…

Coca Cola was no longer the item you bought to be cool: Cool people bought Coca Cola.

See the difference, Hippies rejected the over-stylized idea of consumerism, they held radical views in politics and war and clashed with big companies. So Coca Cola masterminded a strategy, instead of rejecting the anti-consumerist who reject them, they allied with the anti-consumerist. In one move they were hip, anti-consumerist, safe and the entire hippie movement basically castrated.

Social Media Marketing is the ultimate version of this idea. Products no longer promise a change in your life, admittance to the upper class or an update in your identity. Now marketing must align with the consumers’ lifestyle.

Instead of ‘here is a product, it will change your life’, it is ‘here is a product, it fits into your life’.

The advent of Social Media Platforms changed the marketing scene, but it took a while to find it’s rhythm.

Who remembers opening the first Dot.com wonders where you had to exit out of at least thirteen pop up ads, and how many of you have actually clicked on a banner ad on some random website?

Instagram changed marketing, Influencers changed marketing, Content Creators changed Marketing.

The prestige that marketing once held is gone, sure Super Bowl Ads are still major, but not for any other reason than they are Super Bowl Ads. People do not want to be marketed to anymore. No one likes sponsored posts or paid advertising.

People find what they are looking for by searching for it.

This is where Strategy plays the most significant part of a Small business’s repertoire.

I will be going over what Dollas did, what Embroiderdee, and what the ‘fake’ businesses Giggel Dolla and I create should do. Taking you through the process, starting at the top, get ready Dollas.

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